Dune Renourishment Project to Begin on Salisbury Beach

The state legislative delegation and local stakeholders have announced the approval and commencement of a dune renourishment project on Salisbury Beach.

Following a significant storm this past February and several instances of dune erosion and storm surges in Salisbury, funding has been secured and allocated for the purchase of sand and permits have been approved for dune renourishment on Salisbury Beach. The approval of the project comes on the heels of months of advocacy from the state delegation and local stakeholders.

The project will consist of the placement of sand along numerous dunes in the North End Boulevard area of the beach, aimed at improving along public ways and providing residents with protections for their properties.

“I am truly grateful we have been able to get this project, which has been a long time coming, approved for the people of Salisbury, so many of whom were at risk of losing their homes due to sand dune erosion,” said State Senator Diana DiZoglio (D-Methuen). “This project never would have been possible without the tireless efforts and advocacy from Salisbury residents, including Town Manager Neil Harrington, Conservation Agent Adriane Marchand and the incredible members of Salisbury Beach Citizens for Change and the Salisbury Beach Betterment Association.”

“Nourishing the dune system on Salisbury Beach is a proven method of responding to the type of erosion danger that now threatens homes, utilities, coastal resources, and public safety,” said Senate Minority Leader Bruce E. Tarr (R-Gloucester). “Fortunately, the Salisbury Beach Citizens for Change and the Salisbury Beach Betterment Association developed an initiative to join homeowners together with state and local government to get the job done, and remained focused on that initiative. That focus, in turn, gave our legislative delegation, the town of Salisbury, the Baker-Polito Administration and the Merrimack River Beach Alliance a clearly defined project, and the opportunity for collaboration. Through that partnership, and perseverance to overcome numerous obstacles, a significant amount of sand will soon be on the beach and making a difference, and proving once again the value and effectiveness of working together to confront a major problem. Everyone involved in this effort should be commended, and I have been particularly pleased to work with Senator DiZoglio and Representatives Kelcourse and Mirra to achieve this worthy objective.”

“Dune erosion and storm surges have been damaging Salisbury Beach for quite some time,” said State Representative James M. Kelcourse (R-Amesbury). “I am pleased the Baker-Polito Administration has committed to the purchase of sand to be placed on the beach, which will protect the storm battered dunes and prepare for the beach season ahead. This achievement is made possible thanks to the tireless efforts of the legislative delegation – Senator DiZoglio, Senator Tarr, and Representative Mirra – along with Town Manager Harrington, Conservation Agent Marchand and the passionate citizens and members of the Salisbury Beach Citizens for Change and the Salisbury Beach Resiliency Task Force. This project will bring the community one step closer to maintaining our beloved shoreline, and we are excited to begin this very anticipated work.”

“Although Salisbury is not in my district, I couldn’t turn a blind eye to this problem, and my office was happy to lend whatever help we could during this process,” said State Representative Lenny Mirra (R-Georgetown). “It truly took all hands on deck. We worked with a great group of hardworking, dedicated and committed people, and all that hard work paid off.”

“This project is the culmination of months of hard work and perseverance of many people,” said Tom Saab, president of Salisbury Beach Citizens for Change. “We started this process just days after the February storm and it took us four months to work through the challenging permitting and funding process. I would like to thank Senators DiZoglio and Tarr, Representatives Kelcourse and Mirra, Town Manager Harrington and Conservation Agent Marchand for all of their help and guidance throughout the project. I’m just glad for the residents and our summer visitors that our team was able to prevail.”

“The approval of this project is great news for Salisbury Beach and our entire community.” said Bill Greilich, president of the Salisbury Beach Betterment Association. “It took a monumental team effort led by our legislative delegation and town officials to get it accomplished. They worked tirelessly to secure state funding and to bring the necessary state agencies to the table to ensure that all regulatory requirements were satisfied.”