Massachusetts School Building Authority and Officials Meet for Hunking School

Diana met with Haverhill Officials and the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA) to discuss plans to build a new school in Bradford that would replace the current Hunking Middle School. The current middle school recently underwent repairs after it was deemed structuraly unstable, however these repairs are only meant to be a short-term fix. According to the Eagle Tribune, the new school could cost an estimated 62 million dollars and would be funded through higher taxes under a ‘debt exclusion’ clause, which would essentially raise property taxes until the project has been paid off.

Diana said about the project that “I’ve talked to residents, students, and teachers and they all want a new building. Being from Methuen, I’ve been trying to find out as much as I can about this so I can make an informed decision when the time comes.”

The MSBA has assigned a Designer Selection Panel (DSP) which consists of 13 appointed members and three representatives of the local city, town or regional school district. The city of Haverhill has indicated that the three representatives will be James Fiorentini (Mayor), James Scully (Superintendent of Schools), and Paul Magliocchetti (School Committee Member).