Diana Celebrates Passage of Valor Act II

With Veterans Day on the horizon, Diana joined her colleagues in the Legislature to enact the Valor Act II, which will expand services and opportunities for veterans and their families in the Commonwealth.

The Valor Act II, which garnered unanimous support in both the Senate and House, is designed to improve how the Commonwealth serves those who have so courageously served the nation.

Among the provisions in the legislation is the assisting of college students who are called to active duty. The bill will allow students who are unable to complete their coursework to finish those studies at a later time or withdraw from the course with a full refund. Another key provision of the bill establishes a Massachusetts service member Post-Deployment Council to deliver recommendations on the implementation of a program to support military members who transition to civilian life after deployment. This Council will focus largely on mental health services.

Under the Valor Act II, new license plates will be created for veterans, including those awarded a Purple Heart. There is also a provision that strengthens regulations in prohibiting persons from fraudulently claiming to fundraise for a veterans’ charitable organization when the donations would go elsewhere.

“In the Merrimack Valley and across the Commonwealth, we owe it to our veterans and their families to provide them with the strongest services and opportunities,” Diana said. “I am proud to support the Valor Act II and delighted it will become law in advance of Veterans Day.”