Diana Honors North Andover Tap Team

Chippendales #1

Diana hosted a celebration at the State House honoring Nancy Chippendale’s Dance Studio, which recently achieved enormous success competing in the 2013 World Tap Championships.

Seventy-three dancers from the studio, which is based in North Andover, participated as they toured the State House and gathered for a photo atop the building’s Grand Staircase with area lawmakers. The studio and Chippendale herself were honored with congratulatory citations for their exemplary work.

Representing the United States in Riesa, Germany at the World Tap Championships in December, the dancers competed against 30 other countries for gold, silver and bronze prizes and had the opportunity to travel to Dresden, Meissen, Leipzig, Berlin and Prague.

By the end of the championships, the dancers had brought home five gold, three silver and two bronze prizes.

“It was an honor for us to represent the USA at the World Tap Championships last December,” said Chippendale. “We are very proud of our accomplishments and were pleased to have a private tour of the State House. Thank you to our State Representative, Diana DiZoglio, for arranging this tour and for helping us to celebrate the accomplishments of our dancers.”

“It was such a thrill to see so many amazing and talented dancers from ‘Chips’ in North Andover represent the nation in the World Tap Championships,” said Diana, who represents a large part of North Andover in the Legislature. “It was a pleasure hosting them in the State House for a tour of a building and celebration of their outstanding accomplishments, both here and overseas.”